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workshop: character diversity (001)

heya pistols! jumping right into things, i come to you today with this week’s discussion topic & workshop focus: character diversity. surely this isn’t the most ‘fun’ topic to bring up. it’s a serious issue that is is scarcely getting the attention it warrants. just a few months ago there was that eye-roll inducing, stomach-churning uproar over Suzanne Collins’ portrayal of Rue, an african-american little girl, who despite being clearly described as such in the books was pictured as a caucasian, blonde girl by many. When the film based off the book was produced, people were outraged. Race is hardly the only issue though- there’s weight, religion, sexuality, and so many more things on the list.

To get things rolling we want to know a little about your own characters. PLEASE DO NOT LIE/MAKE LAST MINUTE ‘ADJUSTMENTS.’ List the characters in your current or most recent writing project (it doesn’t matter if the project is abandoned now, and to keep things neat please list seven characters at most), tell us their race, socioeconomic background, sexuality, body type and other defining factors.

This is a workshop but also a discussion. You can say whatever you want about the choices you made in picking these traits for your characters and likewise everyone is encouraged to comment on other people’s character bios. ask the hard questions, get things stirring.

of course, be polite, we don’t want anyone to feel the need to defend themselves. this is meant to help you GROW so i’ll say once again please be honest.
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social: inspiration post (oo1)

Inspiration: stimulation or arousal of the mind, feelings, ect, to special or unusual activity or creativity.
[The World English Dictionary]

Inspiration can be found in all aspects of life. As writers we can take inspiration from the littlest things; a quote, an image, a passing glance-- can inspire a scene or even a complete story.

So pistols, we'd like you to share your sources of inspiration. Post your quotes and images or even link us to youtube videos of songs that speak to a certain character. This is a social post, guys. Share, talk a little bit about what catches your eye and gets the little voices in your head talking but more importantly, have fun.
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Okay guys, ofthepistol is looking for mods. Hopeful mods should have regular internet access, AIM, the ability to use Google Drive (used to be google docs) and a desire to participate. Anyone who's interested can comment in this post.

Comments are screened.
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Listen up, members, we have an announcement. Workshops. We're starting with characters because, well because they're fun and interesting and inspiring. We know that a lot of you are busy. We get that. Maybe you aren't up for writing anything new right now because school is kicking your ass. Maybe you're up to your ears in homework or work work, or diapers. Here's something quick, easy, fun and (hopefully) helpful that we can all take part in.


While we love to hear gleeful gushing over pictures of our babies and stories about our cats, this is a workshop and those comments, while heartening, aren't exactly helpful. Well rounded and thoughtful comments and questions are the way to go. We'd love to hear that you think so and so's character sounds really cool, but we'd love it even more if you made comments or asked questions that might help flesh them out more.

Also, you have to give to receive. All members can post a character but please, comment to your fellow writers. In order to post more than one character, you have to comment to someone else. For every one character that you put up, you should make at least one comment to someone else.

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Though writers are generally seen to be the ones huddled away in a corner at social events, either muttering away to themselves or playing the part of the cool recluse, here we do not restrain ourselves to overdone cliches! Even if we do fit the mold, everyone needs a friend. (And love, if the Beatles have anything to say about it.) So pull up a chair, recliner, coffee-shop stool and relax for a bit, maybe you'll pull away knowing a new face or two among the crowd. (The crowd is all very imaginary, mind. Here's looking out for the paranoid. ;)


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Genre Challenge # 2 - Horror

Ghouls, ghosts, demons, ax-wielding psychopaths come back from the grave for revenge or just plain run of the mill serial killers. This month is for the Horror genre. Have at it and have fun!

-This challenge will end on March 31, 2012
-You can respond to this post with your pieces, however to keep things active on the seventeenth an official response post will go up in order to prevent things from getting lost in the shuffle.
-There are no official prompts for this challenge (besides the guideline it must be a piece of horror fiction), but you are allowed to post unofficial prompts for other members in the comments below. You may also discuss possible challenge response ideas, etc.

Also, we're thinking of hosting a friending meme and wanted to know what you guys thought. Fill out the poll and let us know how you feel about it in comments.

Are you interested in an OTP friending meme?